What is a crystalline perfume?

Answer Omnia Crystalline is a perfume from jeweler Bvlgari. Packaged in a bottle shaped like two rings linked together, the perfume has a fresh floral fragrance with subtle Asian notes. Omnia Crystalline ... Read More »

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Is ammonium hydrogen sulfide a crystalline solid that decomposes?

Ammonium hydrogen sulfide is a white crystalline solid. When immersed in water, it slowly decomposes into two different gases that are readily detectable by their smell: ammonia and hydrogen sulfid... Read More »

What is the yellow crystalline pigment found in dyer's rocket?

Does high fructose corn syrup have a different glycemic index from crystalline fructose from corn?

To answer your question specifically, I think fructose is fructose no matter where it comes from. So, the answer would be 19. As long as it is pure fructose, the GI should be the same. This is one ... Read More »

How to Make Perfume Your Perfume Last?

Everyone has a perfume that they’re particularly fond us, but most of us have had the unfortunate experience of realizing that the great scent has faded throughout the day. You put a few dabs of ... Read More »