What is a cruzer switch…?

Answer The Cruzer I know is a USB Flash drive (SanDisk That you can store computer data on. I have a couple of them.

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Problems With an 8 GB Cruzer?

The 8GB Cruzer flash drive, developed by SanDisk, is a portable storage device you can use to store your important files, such as document, image, and movie files. You can transfer files from your ... Read More »

How to Uninstall a Cruzer?

A Cruzer, commonly referred to as a flash drive, is a small, USB-compatible storage device used for file storage purposes. When it is connected to a computer, its U3 LaunchPad software drivers are ... Read More »

How do I access a Cruzer on a Mac?

Insert your Cruzer USB flash drive into any of your Mac's USB ports. Wait a few seconds for the Mac to recognize your flash drive and install any drivers needed to run it, if necessary. Double-clic... Read More »

How do I format a Cruzer USB?

Connect Cruzer USBInsert the Sandisk Cruzer USB Flash Drive in one of the computer's USB slots. Open the "My Computer" folder and right-click the flash drive (it will appear as a Removable Disk ic... Read More »