What is a crossover for audio?

Answer A crossover is a device that filters audio frequencies and directs them to specified speakers, splitting them into high and low ranges that you specify. A bit like directing traffic, with the traff... Read More »

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What does a car audio crossover do?

Crossovers, or electronic filters, are common in car audio systems and hi-fi equipment. Since the purpose of the crossover is to split the music signal by frequency, it requires a component set and... Read More »

If you use a digital optical audio cable do you need to use the standard audio cord as well For surround sound?

Digital optical audio cable can carry data to decoder-enabled devices in a few formats; Dolby DTS is one of many such formats. Some of these can carry surround sound. Besides, optical is digital, ... Read More »

How do you program a frequency directly into the memory of a Yaesu FT-60 and still hear the audio when you have tried but there is no audio?

Program Yaesu Ft-60 You may have the right frequency, but there a couple or three encoding schemes for encoding the squelch control on the radio's receive section. You won't be able to hear any au... Read More »

How do you convert a coaxial digital audio cable into the red and white analog audio cables If so, quality?

If you're using cable/satellite box, DVD player or game console you should make the connections directly from these equipment to the surround system. You may need additional A/V switches to connect... Read More »