What is a crossover auto?

Answer A crossover is an automobile that has the attributes of more than one kind of vehicle. The most popular combination is the sedan car and the sport utility vehicle, or SUV.Car AttributesThe most pop... Read More »

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What is a crossover SUV?

A crossover sport-utility vehicle, or SUV, is a vehicle built on a unibody car frame but which possesses many of the characteristics of the truck-based SUV. The Honda Element SUV, for example, is b... Read More »

What is a crossover cable?

A crossover cable is a cable that allows you to connect two pieces of hardware. It is often used to connect two computers without a hub or router.Types of Cable EndsThe common types of cable ends u... Read More »

What is a crossover vehicle?

A crossover vehicle has characteristics from more than one vehicle class. It has the appearance and passenger capacity of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) with the handling and performance of a car.T... Read More »

What is a crossover in basketball?

A crossover in basketball occurs when a player is dribbling and changes directions. The best way to execute a crossover dribble is to switch the hand with which you are dribbling. For example, if y... Read More »