What is a crime scene investigator's job?

Answer Crime scene investigators perform tasks that will help forensic scientists analyze evidence and help the police solve crimes. To ensure the integrity of an investigation, they work to secure, docum... Read More »

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What is the entry level salary of crime scene investigators?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that crime scene investigators (also called forensic science technicians) may expect an entry level salary of approximately $32,429. This is the averag... Read More »

In CSI Crime Scene Investigation what two investigators like each other?

Sara and GrissomCatherine and Warrick also have a little thing going on, and Greg has always had a thing for Sara even though she doesnt like him that way.and Mac and Stella (ny) also have a thing ... Read More »

How much do crime scene investigators make?

A crime scene investigator's (CSI) salary depends on duties and experience. On average, a CSI can make between $30,000 to 80,000 annually. However, if the CSI is a criminalist, he can make a little... Read More »

Laws About Crime Scene Investigators?

There are many laws crime scene investigators must follow, most of which pertain to preserving the crime scene itself and maintaining the conditions of any found evidence. Additionally, investigato... Read More »