What is a cricket club called?

Answer The wooden club used in the game of cricket is called a bat just like in American-style baseball. However, notable differences between a baseball bat and a cricket bat exist. The most notable diffe... Read More »

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What is the bat called in cricket?

As in baseball, the device that is used to strike the ball in the sport of cricket is called a bat. A cricket bat is made up of two parts: (1) the handle, which is used to hold the bat and (2) the ... Read More »

What are cricket matches called?

A typical cricket match is called "test cricket" and lasts two innings. Twenty20 cricket matches are common for international league play and have slightly different rules. Cricket is a team sport ... Read More »

What is a member from the Lions Club called?

Members of Lions Clubs International refer to themselves and to fellow members as Lions. For example, the official website of Lions Clubs International describes club members saying, "Lions are gr... Read More »

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