What is Creole food?

Answer Creole food is a multi-cultural fusion of ingredients and cooking styles that originated in New Orleans, Louisiana. Creole cuisine infuses characteristics of African, Indian, Southern, Caribbean, ... Read More »

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What is creole seasoning?

Many cooks use creole seasoning to give dishes, such as gumbo and boiled shrimp, an unmistakable flavor. The zesty, piquant taste of most creole foods can be attributed to this distinctive blend of... Read More »

What is in a Creole spice blend?

Creole spice blends always include paprika and cayenne pepper. Depending on the taste of the chef, other ingredients may include thyme, basil, kosher salt, black pepper, onion power and garlic powd... Read More »

What is the difference between File and Creole gumbo?

Shrimp creole is a tomato based sauce. Gumbo is made from a roux, which is basically flour and oil. In my opinion Shrimp Gumbo is better than shrimp creole, however, both are delicious.

How to Grow Creole Tomatoes?

True creole tomato aficionados know that creole tomatoes are not just home-grown tomatoes or a variety of tomato that was developed at Louisiana State University in the 1950s. "Creole" is the conte... Read More »