What is a creep meter used for?

Answer A creep meter is used to detect creep, which is the slip of the earth's surface near an earthquake fault line. These electronic devices can help predict earthquakes and prevent damages to pipes or ... Read More »

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Does what they do during plastic surgery creep anyone else out?

I thought you would say for like breast implants the surgeon could just stare at her t*ts for hours lol

How to Creep People Out?

Do you ever get so annoyed with someone that you'd do anything to get them away from you? Well, here's an easy way how to do that exact thing.

Did the teletubbies creep you out as a kid?

Only Tinky Winky (what was up with him carrying a purse?). The other ones were cute (even though Dipsey had a di*k on the top of his head).Ah yes, the Teletubbies sure does bring back memories of m... Read More »

Does urethane glue creep?

Adhesive products that contain urethane, such as urethane and polyurethane glues, undergo a chemical reaction when they come in contact with other substances. This reaction causes the glue to expan... Read More »