What is a credit union bank?

Answer Like other financial institutions, credit unions accept and manage deposits of assets, while providing services such as loans and mortgages. However, credit unions differ from banks in several key ... Read More »

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How is a credit union different from a bank?

When deciding whether to put money into a bank or a credit union, investigate the advantages and disadvantages of each type of institution. You may find a few little-known facts.HistoryThe first cr... Read More »

Loans: Credit Union Vs. Bank?

Loans are a way of life for most Americans. Whether for a car, a mortgage or a home remodel, chances are you'll be shopping for a loan at some point. It can be overwhelming. However, knowing the di... Read More »

How to Choose a Bank or Credit Union That Is Right for You?

Choosing a bank or credit union that is right for you is something that takes time and careful consideration. Depending on what your banking needs are, you are probably going to want to look for sp... Read More »

What is the difference between a commercial bank&credit union?

A credit union differs from a commercial bank in two areas. First, a credit union is considered a non-profit organization and does not have to pay federal taxes. Second, membership in a credit unio... Read More »