What is a credit report freeze?

Answer Anyone can put a freeze on their credit report. When a freeze is requested no new credit can be opened in your name for a specified period of time, or until you "unlock" your credit. This prevents ... Read More »

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How to Freeze Your Credit Report in New York?

In the state of New York, residents may place a free security freeze on all three of their credit reports with the three major credit-reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) if they we... Read More »

Does a credit report freeze block your FICO score?

A credit report freeze (also known as a security freeze) can block a Fair Issac Corp. (FICO) credit score from being seen. When a creditor tries to access your credit file or credit report, the cre... Read More »

How Much Does It Cost to Place a Security Freeze on Your Credit Report?

The fee for placing a security freeze on your credit report varies by the three reporting agencies, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, your age, the state you live in, and whether you have been a v... Read More »

What is a credit report& a FICO credit score?

A credit report is a record of an individual's debts that reflects his creditors and accounts, any public records about him and his identifying information. The credit bureaus use the information o... Read More »