What is a credit check for employment?

Answer According to MSN Money, more than one-third of employers check applicants' credit reports before hiring them. A credit check involves the potential employer pulling the credit report of the potenti... Read More »

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How far back does a credit check go for employment purposes?

Employers and human resources departments pull credit reports from one of the top three credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. Credit reports pull historical data for seven years. Bankrup... Read More »

What Shows Up on a Pre-Employment Background Check?

Pre-employment background checks can range from verification of Social Security number and citizenship status to a detailed investigation of a person's financial, legal and personal history. Beside... Read More »

What Shows Up in an Employment Background Check?

A number of companies now conduct employment background checks before hiring a potential employee. They may ask you directly about things that will show up on a background check and then verify you... Read More »

What level of THC do employment tests check for?

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