What is a credit card hardship program?

Answer Credit card hardship programs are designed by credit card companies to help people responsibly pay back large balances. Each credit card issuer has its own program that can help people pay off debt... Read More »

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How do I write a hardship letter to credit card companies?

HeadingWrite your name, address, creditor's name, credit card and phone number. Place this information on the top-left of the letter's front as follows: Name: Your Name Address: Your Address Credit... Read More »

How to Use a Credit Card Machine to Program a Card?

Purchases at stores and retail outlets used to be a cash only proposition. With the advent and growing popularity of credit cards with magnetic strips embedded in them, many stores and retail outle... Read More »

What Is the Benefit of the Credit Card Rewards Program?

Credit card companies offer rewards to their members in their ongoing attempt to increase usage and gain more market share. It seems to be working. According to "The Survey of Consumer Payment Choi... Read More »

What Is the Hardship Program Run Through the Neighborhood Health Plan?

Since 2006, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires everyone to have health insurance. If you are unable to afford insurance premiums, you can find subsidized coverage through Commonwealth Care... Read More »