What is a credit card authorization code?

Answer A credit card authorization code is given by credit card issuers to either approve, deny or refer transactions on a credit card presented for payment by a merchant. If the transaction is approved, ... Read More »

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What is a hold authorization on a credit card?

Hold authorization, or authorization hold, is the financial industry practice of authorizing credit card electronic transactions and marking that balance as unavailable. Later, the merchant clears ... Read More »

Credit Card Authorization Rules?

For business owners, having the ability to let customers use a credit card for purchases is an important part of growing any enterprise. More and more people are relying less on cash and personal ... Read More »

Are recordings for credit card authorization legal?

Federal law allows the recording of a phone call if at least one party to the call consents to the recording. In some states, all parties to the call must consent to the call being recorded. If the... Read More »

Can you charge a credit card without an authorization?

A merchant cannot charge a person's credit card without his approval. Another kind of authorization must be obtained from the credit card company as well, letting the merchant know if the credit ca... Read More »