What is a credit card apr rate?

Answer Before opening a credit card, it is important to review and understand the annual percentage rate (APR) offered on the card. Understanding the APR will ensure that you are able to monitor your cred... Read More »

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How To Replace a High Interest Rate Credit Card With a Low Interest Rate Card?

Many consumers sign up for a specific credit card because they were offered an attractive introductory interest rate. The problem with introductory rates is that they eventually increase. Before yo... Read More »

What is a credit card prime rate?

A credit card prime rate is the base lending rate normally tied to U.S. federal interest rate, which is determined by the Federal Open Market Committee. Some credit card companies charge an interes... Read More »

What is a good rate for a credit card?

A good rate for a credit card depends on your own situation. For some people, a rate of 12 percent is good and for someone else 8 percent is good. If you cannot get approved for a credit card, you ... Read More »

What is the standard interest rate for a credit card?

According to Bankrate, the standard rate for credit cards in December 2009 is 13.46 percent for a standard fixed credit card, and 11.48 percent for a standard variable rate credit card. Variable ra... Read More »