How to Play Bank Robber?

Answer Do you have nothing to do?Are you having a slumber party or just having a boring break at school, maybe you are outside and have nothing to do here read this!

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How to Speak Robber Language?

RövarsprÃ¥ket (The Robber language in English) is a Swedish secret language, the Swedish form of Gibberish.It is quite easy to speak, and if you learn to speak it quickly, there won't be many unau... Read More »

How to Be a Robber on Club Penguin?

Many penguins go to the Pizza Parlor to "rob" the cashier,or go to the HQ and take the files. Do you wanna know how? It one of the fun and non-ban related activities that can give you a trill and a... Read More »

How to Make a Mii Look Like a Robber?

Everyone loves a laugh. Entertain your friends and family with this humorous Mii.

What is cradle cap?

It is a crust yellow scaly patches on head or other parts of the body. My 5 month old has it pretty severe and we have been advised by her doctor to treat it with a shampoo called Capex ( prescript... Read More »