Would your first cousin twice removed children be your second cousin once removed?

Answer Could be, but they could also be your first cousin thrice (three times) removed. Depends on which is in the older generation.

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Is first cousin twice removed the same as 3rd cousin?

No, first cousin twice removed is NOT the same as third cousin. That is why there are two different terms.Your first cousin twice removed is either the grandchild of your first cousin or the first ... Read More »

What does first cousin twice removed mean?

Your first cousin is the child of your aunt or uncle. That person is the same generation as you, when counting generations from your common grandparents. A first cousin once removed is one generat... Read More »

How are you related to the children of your first cousin twice removed?

The children of your first cousin, twice removed are either your first cousins, three times removed, or your second cousins, once removed. Which of these relationships applies depends on which of y... Read More »

Is your first cousin twice removed immediate family?

Immediate family is usually considered to include the members of your nuclear family and perhaps someone else closely related like a parent or a child who no longer lives with you. Immediate family... Read More »