What is a court stenographer?

Answer Court proceedings are rarely recorded digitally because such automatic devices are considered fallible. Only one record remains unimpeachable: the one created by the court stenographer, whose trans... Read More »

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Definition of Court Stenographer?

A court stenographer, also called a court reporter, transcribes legal proceedings---verbatim. A court stenographer uses a stenotype machine to record information. An individual interested in workin... Read More »

How to Learn to Be a Stenographer?

Stenographers are responsible for making an accurate, verbatim record of proceedings and recordings. Stenographers learn a special kind of shorthand on a machine that resembles a typewriter. Court ... Read More »

How much is a public stenographer paid?

A public stenographer, also known as a stenographer and a court reporter, gets a pay range based on employer type. For example, as of 2010, stenographers for state or local governments have an ave... Read More »

Does a stenographer keep a copy of the original deposition?

According to Michael R. Boutot of the International Litigation Management Association, "The court reporter has always been and remains the official keeper of the record." U.S. legal site Read More »