How to Know if a Woman Is a Cougar?

Answer Often thought to be the original cougar, the character “Mrs. Robinson” from the 1960s movie “The Graduate” intrigued viewers at the time, especially when asked by Dustin Hoffman's character... Read More »

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How to Compare a 1999 Mercury Cougar With a 2002 Cougar?

The 1999-2002 Mercury Cougar marked a major redesign for the model and the first example of Ford's new "Edge" styling. Appearing as a compact, front-wheel-drive coupe in 1999, the new styling was a... Read More »

What makes a woman truly beautiful How can a woman enhance her beauty?

Beauty is only on the inside. If a woman is beautiful on the inside, a woman is beautiful everywhere. Just keep yourself clean and healthy. You don't need to overdo it with the make up, some people... Read More »

What was the 90's sci fi tv show about a police woman and a geek working for a secret department which involved hunting demons an supernaturals the lead woman was a hottie too?

What is the tire size for a 1988 Cougar?

There are two options for a 1988 Cougar: LS and XR7. Both are manufactured by the Mercury car company. The LS has a standard size tire of P215/70R14 and the XR7 requires P225/60VR15 sized tires.Sou... Read More »