What is a cotton plant?

Answer A cotton plant is a plant that is grown to make cotton :D

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In what season do you plant cotton?

Cotton is typically planted in the spring, although the exact month varies from February to June depending on the climate in the area where cotton is being grown. For best results, cotton should no... Read More »

What month do you plant cotton?

Timing in planting cotton depends on the soil and weather. In South Texas, producers plant it in February, while in Missouri cotton is planted in June. The best time to plant cotton is believed to ... Read More »

What is the origin of a cotton plant?

The cotton plant is a member of the mallow family and can be found on every inhabited continent on Earth. The exact origin of cotton is still a mystery, but it was being cultivated in the Indus Val... Read More »

What is the seed pod of the cotton plant called?

The seed pod of the cotton plant is called a boll. Cotton seeds are planted in the spring. Once the flower buds (called squares) come out, they bloom into a white flower. After the flower dries and... Read More »