What is a 'corrupt CIA operative'?

Answer I think that the Australian Security Intelligence Organization is so much better than the CIA. Firstly the CIA might be the central Intelligence department in North America , But at least Asia has ... Read More »

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How to Corrupt a File on Purpose Using Corrupt a File.Net?

Although it is usually an unfortunate event, corrupting a file can sometimes be useful. For example, you have to deliver a document today but it is not ready yet. A solution is to send a corrupted ... Read More »

Has anyone used Co-Operative Consignment before?

I used Co-Operative Consignment twice. I once bought a embroidery machine and they offered free delivery on it and another time my husband bought a John Deere mower which was a pretty large item, b... Read More »

Operative Job Description?

An operative officer is in charge of all aspects of a company. Operative officers are often referred to as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Their main responsibi... Read More »

What does the word, post-operative, mean?

"post" means "after." so... after an operation.