What is a corporate fitness director's salary?

Answer The average annual salary range for a fitness manager with a bachelor's degree is in the $36,000 to $42,000 range. Someone with more experience or a master's degree can earn between $50,000 and $54... Read More »

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How Does Having a Board of Directors Improve Corporate Governance?

Corporate governance refers to a body of rules, procedures and legal principles that attempt to reconcile the various interests between the various stakeholders in a corporation. In most cases, the... Read More »

How does having a board of directors improve corporate governance?

The board of directors improves corporate governance by supervising the corporation's management, financial objectives and plans, and internal control mechanisms.OversightThe corporate board of dir... Read More »

Average Salary for Radiology Directors?

A director of radiology (also often called director of diagnostic imaging) manages activities in a medical facility's diagnostic imaging or radiology department. Information on average salaries for... Read More »

Salary of an Employee Fitness Director?

Employee fitness directors are fitness and workout professionals who work for companies and organizations. Their main responsibilities include coaching company employees in exercise activities, as ... Read More »