What is the job description of a coroner?

Answer Coroners are elected officials who preside over state or county coroner offices. The main duty of these offices is to investigate deaths and cooperate with law enforcement.IdentificationEvery coron... Read More »

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What education&training are needed to become a coroner?

There are no national standards for the education of coroners, and the requirements vary greatly from state to state and even from county to county. In Georgia, for example, coroners need only a hi... Read More »

What College Courses Are Needed to Become a Coroner?

The popularity of crime dramas that focus on the science and technology of criminology placed the spotlight on a long-overlooked portion of police work, and helped spark interest in forensic scienc... Read More »

The Duties of a Coroner?

Coroners, commonly referred to as medical examiners, assist with determining the time and cause of a person's death. Coroners also help with solving violent crimes by working closely with crime sce... Read More »

How to Become a Coroner?

Coroners are called to work in all types of scenes.A coroner or medical examiner has varying levels of responsibilities and requirements based on jurisdiction. According to the State of California ... Read More »