Could this be a corneal abrasion?

Answer Cats claws are far from being clean. If your cornea was scratched , as it sounds like, you could very likely develop an infection,.You should be seeing a Dr. for some antibiotic drops .

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Has anyone had a corneal abrasion?

I scratched my cornea with my own nail playing football. Excruciating!!! The eyedrops don't help the pain, but after like two days, it goes away like it never happened.

Corneal Abrasion Healing?

Use preservative free artificial tears (refresh celluvisc is great) every two hours. The swelling should go down in a few days and if your vision is still blurred after 3 days, see the optometrist... Read More »

Corneal Eye Ulcers?

Corneal eye ulcers may be the result of an infection or a lack of protective tears. Tears on the cornea may develop due to trauma of the eye and can result in corneal eye ulcers, as well as conditi... Read More »

What is an example of abrasion?

Abrasion is caused by friction or rubbing of the skin with a rough surface. Rug burns and board burns are also examples of abrasion, because they are caused by friction. Read more: http://www.arti... Read More »