What is a corn picker?

Answer A corn picker is the phrase for a combine harvester. A combine, picks the corn.

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How old do you have to be to be American picker?

What is a stock picker?

A stock picker is someone who, due to an excellent record of picking stocks, is invited to trade on a client's behalf. The client, instead of trying to find the right mix of stocks, seeks the right... Read More »

What Is a Cherry Picker?

As the name suggests, cherry pickers were first designed for use in fruit orchards to enable workers to reach fruit on the entire tree, including the fruit at the very top. Cherry picking equipment... Read More »

What can a cherry picker do?

A cherry picker is a mobile vertical boom (long, mechanical support arm) that has an enclosed platform. The platform can be raised, enabling someone to work above ground level to do such things as ... Read More »