What is a copyright violation?

Answer Writers, artists and musicians are able to copyright their works to prevent anyone from using them without permission. If a work is used improperly, the copyright owner can file a lawsuit for the c... Read More »

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How to Prevent Copyright Violation of Your Videos on Youtube?

You like to put videos on YouTube, but someone keeps stealing them and either passing them off as his/her own or taking your rightful traffic away.

How do delete wikipedia's featured article that contains copyright violation?

John, from my years of experience, I find that the issue of copyright violation (which is frequent and extensive, by the way) is best handled in this fashion:(1) Ask yourself, is the violation one ... Read More »

Can I make Betty Crocker cookies& sell them without a copyright violation?

Baked goods and most recipes for baked goods are not protected by copyright law. Copyright only applies to original, creative literary works that have been recorded in some way. Copyright law prote... Read More »

Is adding a youtube video to stumbleupon as a favorite considered copyright violation?

No, because you're not transferring actual content (merely storing a link).Besides, if a copyright owner wanted to stop that, he/she would simply disable embedding.