What is a copyright statement?

Answer A copyright statement protects an original work or creation from being used by someone other than the owner or copyright holder. The terms of a copyright have gained increasing media attention with... Read More »

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Do all items have to have the copyright logo to be considered a copyright?

Under U.S. law, copyright protection attaches automatically when a work is created. Use of the © symbol has not been required since 1989. Using the copyright symbol can be beneficial, however, bec... Read More »

My husband signed notarized statement saying his ex could move with their daughter to Canada for temp-employment but the notary only viewed his expired ID is this enought ot invalidate the statement?

In order to be able to work legally in Canada, she ( the adult ) has to APPLY for and be accepted by the Canadian Immigration department, and a minor child has to have proper written permission to ... Read More »

Does an item need to have the copyright logo to be considered a copyright item?

According to the U.S. Copyright Office, a work no longer needs the copyright symbol to be considered a copyrighted work. The United States dropped the old rule in 1989 to fit the requirements of th... Read More »

Who needs a copyright?

Anyone who wants to protect intellectual property needs to get a copyright. Copyright protects original works such as artistic, dramatic, musical and literary works. It also protects songs and comp... Read More »