What is a copula verb?

Answer A copula verb connects the subject of a sentence with a "complement"--a word that helps define the subject's state of being. Copula verbs are commonly referred to as "linking verbs."VerbsMost verbs... Read More »

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What is a copula?

A copula (copular), also known as linking verb or passive verb, is used to connect the subject of the sentence to a noun phrase, an adjective or other components that convey the predicate. These ve... Read More »

What is the copula language?

Copulas, or copular verbs, are linking verbs. Copulas do not show action in the same manner as do standard verbs but rather establish the relationship between the sentence's verb and its complement... Read More »

What is a contractible copula?

A contractible copula is a linguistic term. It refers to a sentence that both has "to be" as the main verb and also has that verb contracted with an apostrophe. For example, the phrase "She's walki... Read More »

What is a Gaussian copula?

The Gaussian copula formula presented by mathematician David Li in 2000 was used on Wall Street to help determine the risk of credit default swaps (CDS), securitized packages of investment insuranc... Read More »