What is a coonhound bred from?

Answer Coonhounds aren't bred from a combination of dogs but instead are purebred, and come from six different purebred breeds: Treeing Walker, Bluetick, English, Redbone, Black and Tan and Plott hound. T... Read More »

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How to Tell if a Cow or Heifer Has Been Bred?

One of the things that is a part of keeping and breeding cows and heifers is the art and science of telling whether a particular cow or heifer has been bred or "settled" or not.  Though it is not ... Read More »

What horse is bred in Czechoslovakia?

Among the horses bred in Czechoslovakia today are Kladrubers, Huculs, Shagya Arabians, Lippizans, Slovakian Warmbloods, Dutch Warmbloods, Czech Warmbloods and Czech Small Riding Horses. Many of th... Read More »

How to Know when a Heifer or Cow Is Ready to Be Bred?

Knowing when a heifer or cow is ready to be bred is important to a breeding operation. There are specific guidelines one must follow to ensure that a heifer or cow is ready to be bred.PLEASE rememb... Read More »

How to Train Your Coonhound?

Coonhounds were developed to hunt animals that climb trees when pursued, such as possums, bobcats and raccoons. Coonhounds are scent hounds that sniff out their prey, following the trail to the ani... Read More »