What do you think of this pet tattoo idea?

Answer This page links to pet memorial tattoos, and discusses the idea of pawprints as a tattoo. If it's what you want it's not a BAD idea, this is just some food for thought: Read More »

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What do you think of this idea for a tattoo?

Which design idea seems to make your heart beat just a little faster? Go with your instinct! Also, if you wanna give it a "test drive," get a henna tattoo of your design, and try different places. ... Read More »

What is a good tattoo idea for my right foot?

i love the star idea, or like a rain drop so it looks like it's splashing on your foot i think that would look cute and you could add to that as your family grows

I want a tattoo but my girlfriend doesnt like the idea. what do i do?

I understand the whole "it's your body, do as you please" thing, I really do. But I also understand trying to compromise with your significant other. I'm sure if she got a really awful tattoo that ... Read More »

Bad Tattoo Idea?

I personaly have a tattoo with no real meaning except for the fact that I liked it alot. I have a few that I got for a reason and I kinda wish I didnt so think about it long and hard before you do.... Read More »