How to Do a Cool Magic Trick?

Answer A neat trick that makes a toothpick disappear then reappear.

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How to Do a Magic Card Trick That Is Cool?

This article will teach you how to do a fun magic trick. This wikiHow article will teach you how to do it now.

How to Do an Easy Magic Trick?

Here is an easy, scientific experiment that you can pass off as a magic trick. All you need is a glass of liquid and a straw!

How to Do a Cool Magic Trick (Levitating Small Objects)?

Have you ever wanted to do a magic trick that will amaze your friends and family? Well, read this article on how to levitate small objects such as pencils or toothbrushes.

An Easy Way to Do the "Vanish a Quarter" Magic Trick?

Making a quarter or other small flat object disappear is an age-old magic trick that never fails to delight viewers, especially if you borrow the quarter from a spectator. Magic tricks use sleight ... Read More »