What is a cookie in computer terminology?

Answer Cookies aren't just treats to tantalize the sweet tooth; they're also bits of information that form a key bond between an individual computer and a website. Cookies come can prove both beneficial a... Read More »

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What is a URL in computer terminology?

A URL is an address to a specific resource on the Internet. Each URL consists of several required and optional components. Each of these components serves a specific purpose in locating the Interne... Read More »

What is sync in computer terminology?

a four letter work beginning with Srhys legon :)

What is clocking in computer terminology?

Clock is the frequency of the processor at which its running. The standard unit is hertz (Hz); most people today use GHz and MHz. Generally, within the same CPU series, higher processor clockspeed ... Read More »

What Is a Platform in Computer Terminology?

In computer terminology, a platform refers to the operating system (OS) that is running on the system, such as Windows XP or Unix. All applications or software programs that are associated with the... Read More »