What is a Convex Mirror Used For?

Answer While most mirrors are flat, any spherical reflective surface with a bulging side that faces out---toward an image or light source---is called a convex mirror.How it WorksBeing curved outward, conv... Read More »

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What is the definition of a convex mirror?

A convex mirror performs the same reflective use as a regular flat mirror, except the convex mirror is a spherical reflecting surface. It bows outward, like the exterior of a ball, as opposed to a ... Read More »

What is a chevron polygon?

In mathematical terms, a quadrilateral polygon, also known as a chevron polygon, is a closed, straight-lined, two-dimensional plane with four sides, and is composed of two pair of consecutive congr... Read More »

What is a convex moulding in architecture called?

What Kind of Image Does a Convex Lens Produce?

A convex lens is a polished piece of glass that is curved outward on both sides of the lens. A magnifying glass is an example of a simple convex lens. The cornea in a person's eye is another exampl... Read More »