What is a convertible stock?

Answer A convertible stock is a preferred stock that can be converted into a common stock. A preferred stock will pay the stock holder a fixed dividend but does not give the share holder voting rights. A ... Read More »

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What is convertible stock?

Convertible stock is a security that can be exchanged into another security, usually into the common stock issued by the same company. Convertibles can generally be exchanged at the discretion of t... Read More »

What is convertible preferred stock?

Preferred stock is a class of stock that has priority in receiving dividends over common stock. If you have convertible preferred stock of a company, you can exchange it for the company's common st... Read More »

Preferred Stock Vs. Convertible Notes?

According to Investopedia, preferred stock means a security that has a higher claim on the assets and earnings than common stock with dividend. Convertible notes, also known as convertible bonds, m... Read More »

What is the difference between preferred&convertible stock ?

Convertible stocks are securities that may be exchanged into common stock when certain conditions are met. Preferred stocks are income securities that pay a fixed interest rate that is usually high... Read More »