What is a convertible debt?

Answer Convertible debt is a loan that can be exchanged for equity in a company. It allows lenders to justify making a loan because of the subsequent opportunity to purchase stock if the company takes off... Read More »

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Value of a Convertible Debt?

Convertible debt refers to any type of debt financing where a balance of one asset converts to another. It is commonly used in the bond market. The value of convertible debt is determined by severa... Read More »

How to Report Convertible Debt?

A company issues convertible debt, such as bonds, because it is cheaper than straight debt. The owner of convertible debt can turn it into equity, or shares of stock, in the company. The company re... Read More »

The Advantages of Convertible Debt?

Convertible debt consists of bonds sold to investors with the option to convert the bonds to common stock at a future date. The bonds earn interest throughout the term unless the investor chooses t... Read More »

What is a convertible debt offering?

A convertible debt offering is a financial general obligation (such as a bond or preferred stock) that can be exchanged into company common stock at a future date. The amount of stock that can be ... Read More »