What is a control group in a science fair project?

Answer An experiment’s control group is made up of unexposed or untreated subjects. They’re compared with the experiment’s treated or exposed subjects in order to determine and validate the experime... Read More »

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How do I Control IE Features in Group Policies?

When connected to a server, you can manage any specific policy changes for other users on the network using the Group Policy Management Console program. With administrative access on your computer,... Read More »

Can i control who can see my posts in a secret group on facebook?

blocking him is the only thing you can do

Which group currently has better control over Wikipedia: pedophiles or terrorists?

No offense, but I'm afraid the people calling this a "loaded" question have a point. The first problem is that there are too many different kinds of terrorists, each with a different goal, agenda, ... Read More »

What was the non for profit group that rescued the family from the cult group in Lie to Me season 2 episode 2?