What is the difference between contractor sub-contractor?

Answer Term can be used interchangeable . A company can be a electrical contractor if they work directly for the owner of a project. That same contractor becomes a subcontractor when he works for another ... Read More »

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Contractor did work then additional work.ruined original work.had to be redone by another contractor at considerable more insurance says nocoverage on his own work- can this be tru?

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What is the duty of a CIA Contractor?

They used mostly 9 milimetre rounds hand gun or maybe the glock.

What is a glazing contractor?

A job title in the construction industry, a glazing contractor installs, replaces and removes glass used in windows, doors and panels, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Glazing cont... Read More »

What is contractor bonding?

Contractor bonding is the process by which a construction bond contract is formed. Contractor bonding is part of the surety industry in which a third party will act as a guarantor that a given con... Read More »