During the active phase of labor 4-5 Cm the patient who is using lamaze should be encourage to use which of the following technique during a contraction?

Answer Light, rhythmical panting.....[NovaNet]

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Is group b strep hereditary I had it during my pregnancy will my sister have it during her pregnancy?

I had group b during my first pregnancy, but negative on my second and third. Weird huh?! It's not hereditary. It's something that comes and goes on it's own. Now it's something that they take care... Read More »

Can the baby move during a contraction?

Yes, but it's a little tighter. We want them to move, so they'll make their way down into the birth canal and eventually bring labor to and end.

Does hypertension happen during heart contraction?

On One Hand: Hypertension Does Not FluctuateHypertension is a consistent elevation of systemic arterial blood pressure, according to the book "Understanding Pathophysiology, Second Edition," by Sue... Read More »

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you are having contraction-like cramps?

Answer I have contraction like cramps,and I just found out I was pregnant, but a good idea wood be to take a HPT to determine the pregnancy,If it says negative and you still haven't started your pe... Read More »