What is a contract of employment?

Answer A contract of employment is a document which states the rights of an employee as determined by the employer of that person. The document may also state what the employer will provide for the employ... Read More »

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Psychological Contract Vs. Employment Contract?

Psychological contracts and employment contracts are similar in the sense that they both specify what tasks the signer agrees to accomplish and to avoid, but the specific purpose for these contract... Read More »

How to Get out of an Employment Contract?

An employment contract lays out the details pertinent to an employer-employee relationship. This legally binding document is usually beneficial to both parties, as it clarifies each party’s respo... Read More »

How to End a Contract of Employment?

There usually comes a time when all relationships come to an end. This is not limited to personal relationships. All business relationships also eventually meet the same fate. There are several met... Read More »

Taxes for Contract Employment?

Those accepting contract employment must face their own set of tax issues, including whether they should be classified as employees and how to manage income tax obligations that may be unpredictabl... Read More »