What is a contract laborer?

Answer A contract laborer is an individual who is paid to perform a specific task or set of tasks for a company or person. He is not on the regular payroll, though he can become a resource who is contract... Read More »

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What are the Benefits of Working as a Contract Laborer?

Contract labor, also known as temp work or freelancing, was once considered something people would do when they couldn't find a regular job. Today contract labor is appreciated for its many advanta... Read More »

How to Pay a Day Laborer?

Day laborers work for a business or individual for 1 day at a time, and they are paid for the work they do. Many day laborers are undocumented workers who cannot get a full time work, unemployed in... Read More »

Laborer Responsibilities?

Laborers perform a variety of diverse tasks on construction sites, even throughout the course of a single day. From the cleaning and preparing of construction sites to helping the craftsmen on a jo... Read More »

Job Description for a Construction Laborer?

Construction laborers work with their hands in a variety of construction work. These men and women use tools and equipment to create buildings and structures, such as skyscrapers and highways. If y... Read More »