What is a contingent Insurance?

Answer Personal Liability insurance is purchased by individuals and is normally included as part of a residential insurance policy, such as a Homeowners, Condo or Tenants package. It provides the insured ... Read More »

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What Is Contingent Cargo Insurance?

Contingent cargo insurance is secondary insurance for freight brokers and shippers. Freight carriers are required by law to provide proof of cargo insurance to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admi... Read More »

What are the benefits of Contingent liability insurance?

Contingent Liability Insurance If you are a property owner, particularly a landlord, contingent liability insurance can be a very useful coverage in the event of a partial loss. Specifically, it co... Read More »

What is a contingent beneficiary for an IRA?

The contingent beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) refers to the individual who would receive the assets in an IRA if the owner of the IRA died and the primary beneficiary was un... Read More »

What Is a Contingent Repayment Plan?

College graduates often begin their careers at the bottom rung of the income ladder, and those burdened with student loan debt may find the payments devouring their paychecks. An Income Contingent ... Read More »