What is a contingency contract in real estate?

Answer A contingency contract in real estate is essentially a clause within the document that enables the buyer to effectively cancel his obligation to move forward in the transaction. While the contingen... Read More »

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Can I Cancel a Real Estate Offer Without a Contingency?

Real estate, whether for residential or investment purposes, is the largest purchase that most people make in their lives. Real estate purchase contracts typically allow buyers a while to analyze w... Read More »

What is a real estate contract?

A real estate contract is a written agreement to purchase, sale or exchange real estate between parties. This contract is legally binding based on the conditions stated in the agreement.ComponentsA... Read More »

Real Estate Contract Abbreviations?

A real estate contract is a legal document that details the terms and conditions for the sale, purchase, transfer or other exchange of a real estate property between two parties. Understanding the ... Read More »

What is an option fee in a real estate contract?

One of the most important steps that home buyers should take when they purchase a home is paying the option fee. As part of a real estate contract, the option fee clause will protect home buyers in... Read More »