What is a consumer analyst?

Answer A consumer analyst monitors the spending patterns of the customers of a business or entire industry. The goal is to identify trends and other signs, so the employer can create better products and s... Read More »

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Can a participant in a game show be called a consumer under the consumer protection act of India bearing in mind the decision laid down in society of catalysts v. star plus?

What is a cia analyst?

Bush held more than a few jobs. However, the only two that he invested significant time and effort in and could be called careers were the 'Oil Industry' and 'Politics'. Explains alot. lol.

What is a crime lab analyst?

Crime laboratories are scientific units of federal, state and local police departments that process evidence to try to uncover information about some type of criminal wrongdoing. A crime lab analys... Read More »

What is a compliance analyst?

A compliance analyst ensures that an organization operates within the lines of the laws that govern the firm's industry. An analyst is typically responsible for the activities of a specific busines... Read More »