What is a construction belly band?

Answer A belly band is the informal name for a strip of decorative or protective cladding running horizontally around a building. It is normally at the same height as the building's first or second story'... Read More »

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What is a dog belly band?

A belly band is a narrow piece of material that is lined with a disposable diaper or a sanitary napkin. It is fitted around a male dog's waste and secured with strips of fabric hook and loop fasten... Read More »

What is a maternity belly band?

A maternity belly band is a flexible piece of material that can be worn underneath a woman's clothes during pregnancy. A maternity belly band allows a pregnant woman to easily cover her belly while... Read More »

How to Make a Belly Band for a Male Dog That "Marks"?

Many male dogs, especially if they are not neutered, will "mark" territory. This is fine OUTSIDE the house, but not so pleasant INSIDE! This is common when dogs are in a new place (like a friend's ... Read More »

How can the choice of construction materials and construction techniques influence sustainability?

In a huge variety of ways. But since you didn't mention what you are building, I can't tell specifically. Here's an example though: If you're building let's say a garage with a concrete foundation,... Read More »