How would US be different without Constitution?

Answer The Constitution is the basis for our central government. Without it our government would probably have divided by early as Shays Rebelion. We need the constitution because it gives the right to go... Read More »

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Who named the uss constitution?

How to Cite the Constitution in MLA?

If you refer to the United States Constitution in the process of writing a term paper or essay, you should include the Constitution in the reference list at the end of your paper. As with other spe... Read More »

Fun US Constitution Activities?

The constitution is the governing article of the United States of America. It addresses topics such as how much power the central government is to have and how many representatives should be allowe... Read More »

How to Cite the Constitution?

Properly citing your sources is a skill taught to students as soon as they begin writing research papers. Students are taught to give appropriate credit to sources and avoid plagiarism while writin... Read More »