What is a conformed copy of bylaws?

Answer Conformed copy refers more to the word "copy" than it does "conformed." Conformed copy simply means you can legally send a set of official documents as photocopies if you attach an original, notari... Read More »

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Can a homeowners association establish new bylaws would these bylaws have to be added to the original deeds for each unit?

Generally, yes. The right to amend bylaws or establish new bylaws is usually reserved in the documents that created the condominium and its HOA. Those documents should outline the procedure. As to ... Read More »

How is a excel cell is conformed?

conformed?could you please add more detail, or provide an example?basically an excel cell is where you click in and type formulas, text, or numbers to produce a result

Can you over ride Condo bylaws and rent it out because for two years it sat vacant because you could not sell the Condo now you are renting it even though the bylaws say you cannot rent it out?

You can negotiate with the board and ask for a rental exception. You may be required to prove a 'hardship' so that the exception can be granted.It's a better idea to work with the association's off... Read More »

NHS Bylaws?

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that recognizes high-achieving high school students who have "demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Charac... Read More »