What is a condominium rider?

Answer A rider of any kind is an addition or addendum to a legal document. There may be a specific purpose to the document 'condominium rider' to which you refer, and because there are multiple definitio... Read More »

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What is a condominium association exclusion rider bond?

Your broker can explain this concept to you given your particular situation in your state.

Does my condominium rider protect me?

Contact your broker and verify that you have purchased the coverage that you need -- the broker can explain when/ how your rider protects you.

What are the consiquences of a Condominium Association putting a lien on your condominium home in Ohio?

If Ohio is like most other states, the recorded lien effectively clouds your title, so when you attempt to sell the unit, the lien shows up in the title search. As owner, the lien may also appear o... Read More »

What is the difference between a condominium unit and a condominium phase?

A condominium unit is a single unit in a condominium project, whether residential or commercial. A condominium phase is a development period, during which a developer builds, finishes and/or sells... Read More »