What is a condenser on a microscope?

Answer The condenser, located beneath the stage of the light microscope, is part of the optical train of the microscope. The principal function of the condenser is to gather the light from the microscope'... Read More »

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What to Use for an AC Condenser Pad for an Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner condenser unit must survive all types of weather in the yard outside your house. The condenser unit is also fairly heavy, prone to vibration and creates water as it condenses. Th... Read More »

What Is a Fridge Condenser?

The refrigerator condenser is a series of metal tubes, sometimes with fins attached, that allows the fridge coolant to diffuse heat into the outside air. Many refrigerators have their condensers on... Read More »

What is an outdoor condenser unit?

An outdoor condenser unit is part of a cooling-only, split air-conditioning system, which can be used in residential and small commercial buildings. The outdoor condenser unit gets rid of the hot a... Read More »

What condenser mic is better for vocals?

Both will work great. I would get the Yeti myself because it has a headphone jack which is important for monitoring yourself.