What is a computer tower unit?

Answer Computer tower units are cases that a computer is stored inside of. There are several methods of storing computers, including desktops, towers and server racks. The tower case protects the internal... Read More »

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What is the tower on a computer called?

A computer tower is often referred to as the system case. The system case houses vital computer components, including the processor and power supply, and primarily consists of plastic or metal to p... Read More »

What Is Inside My Computer Tower?

Modern computers are complex devices capable of making tens of millions of calculations in mere seconds. Most desktop models feature a tower which stores all of the circuitry and equipment needed t... Read More »

What size computer tower cases are there?

Full tower cases offer the most storage, but they are the largest and bulkiest of the cases. Mid tower cases are the most used type of case and are six inches shorter than the full tower case. The ... Read More »

What is the difference between a lap-top and a 'tower' style computer?

You are right. The towers days are numbered though not quite over. There are still items in the tower that are cheaper to produce at this time. As lap tops take over the mainstream computing tho... Read More »