What is a computer speaker used for?

Answer A computer speaker is used for listening to sounds on a computer. This includes sounds the operating system makes, as well as sounds that are played through videos and other multimedia found on the... Read More »

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What type of wood is used to build speaker boxes?

Speaker boxes can be made of a wide variety of materials, and the specific material used is usually reflective of the builder's personal preferences. The most common wood materials used for the box... Read More »

What type of output does the speaker and headphones put send out of a computer?

Can Two Different Speaker Gauges Be Used?

Yes. 16 ga is physically thicker and less resistance. It'll work.

Can a Xbox be used as a speaker amplifier?

U need an amp X Box is a video game console, it has no power to push speakers on its own, the rca plug it's just audio out put for u'r tv or a home stereo.