What is a computer security agent?

Answer Yes, and they can block you from going on certain sites. I would not put any of that commie crap on MY computer, but it's up to you. I would just use the schools computer while at school.

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What does a homeland security agent do?

Can an FBI security agent resign?

yes and no they can if hey belive something is not right they can send in a letter of resignation and if is declined no, but if excepted then they dont have to work or solve cases

How much money does a homeland security agent make?

The salary of a Homeland Security agent is based on the type of agent. For instance, a transportation security officer started at $28,626 a year in 2009, while a transportation security inspector b... Read More »

How much money does homeland security agent make?

There is a wide variation in the annual salaries of Homeland Security agents. Border patrol agents, for example, start at $25,195 a year, while emergency management specialists earn $45,670 a year.... Read More »